Hey there! I’m Cecilia, an Information Science, Systems, and Technology major in my first year at Cornell.

Growing up, I was heavily invested in art and engineering, but I struggled to bridge the gap between the two. I came into Cornell as a Materials Science major, and though it was...interesting, it was definitely far from where my true passions lied. After taking a student-taught elective class, Intro to Digital Product Design, I realized that UX/interaction design was the intersection of art and engineering that I had always been searching for but never quite found.

So that brings us to today, where I’m continuing to seek out opportunities for learning and growing, inside and outside of the design field.

In my free time (when I'm not drowning in Sketch and Origami files), you can probably find me:

- Sipping overpriced coffee

- Lost in the depths of Spotify

- At Trader Joe’s

About this website: Built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, a bit of Bootstrap, and a lot of love.

Coming from a place of z e r o coding experience, building my own portfolio site was a daunting yet extremely rewarding experience. The creation of this site provided me with my favorite type of learning experience: the completely immersive kind where you take on something way more complicated than you have the skillset for, but learn as you go. With the help of my lovely teacher, I’ve truly learned so much.